Self Inflicted

Katy Perry

 Katy Perry
Tono: G
G                              Em
Remember when I dove into the ground
     C                    G
And I got a bloody knee under my skin
A scar from wiping out
    C                    C+
It brings back the memories


Em7           Cadd9
Every bone’s been broken
     D		Dsus4
But my heart is still wide open


G	      D                Em
I can’t stop, don’t care if I lose
       Bm                  C
Baby, you are the weapon I choose

These wounds are self-inflicted

    G           D                  Em
And I’m going down in flames for you
       Bm                     C
Baby, you are the weapon I choose

                   D            C
These wounds are self-inflicted

                 D	         G
One more thing I’m addicted to

(play verse)
With each scar there’s a map that tells a story
What a souvenir of young love’s like
Jumpin out an airplane right in a tidal wave of

(play pre-chorus)
An ocean
Of emotion
My heart rips me wide open



    Em                  G
And I, cover up these scars

(we make up, then we break up*)
    Em                    G
And I, cant stop seeing stars
(I’m so knocked out whenever you’re around*)

Chorus (play two times)


Play the chorus over and over, and just go with the song like:

"Ooh i can´t stop, no i can´t stop”

End on G and fade out if possible
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Composición: Chao-Yan Yang / Chris Duarte / J. Mavety / Jamie Houston / Jewel / Rich Nice
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