The Forgotten

Green Day

 Green Day
Tono: D
Intro 2x: A E C# D

A                            E
 Where in the world's the forgotten?
F#m                            C#
 They're lost inside your memory
D                                      A
 You're dragging on, your heart's been broken
   G                      E
As we all go down in history

A                           E
 Where in the world did the time go?
F#m                               C#
 It's where your spirit seems to roam
D                            A
 Like losing faith to our abandon
     G                              E
Or an empty hallway from a broken home

Refrão 1:
F#m           A
Don't look away
         D             A   A/G#
From the arms of a bad dream
F#m           C#
 Don't look away
      D                                  E
Sometimes you're better lost than to be seen

(Intro 2x)

A                                     E
 I don't feel strange, it's more like haunted
F#m                         C#
 Another moment trapped in time
D                            A
 I can't quite put my finger on it
         G                            E
But it's like a child that was left behind

A                               E
 So where in the world's the forgotten?
F#m                              C#
 Like soldiers from a long lost war
D                               A
 We share the scars from our abandon
    G                            E
And what we remember becomes folklore

(Refrão 1)

Refrão 2:
A                 E
 Well don't look away
         C#           D
From the arms of a moment
A            E
 Don't look away
         C#         D
From the arms of tomorrow
A                 E
 Well don't look away
         C#           D
From the arms of a moment
Don't look away
From the arms of love

Base: A  E  F#m  D  A  E



(Refrão 1)

(Refrão 2)

(Intro final)

Comentarios 9

  • max_andrei max_andrei: Publicado en 31/12/2013 12:40

    faltando a segunda parte da musica poxa

  • renatoramos renatoramos: Publicado en 14/09/2013 23:07

    porque tem crepusculo no video ?

    estragou tudo ...

  • luhmalik luhmalik: Publicado en 25/03/2013 20:48

    O solo tá errado aew

  • luccaxd luccaxd: Publicado en 28/01/2013 02:19

    o solo ta errado

  • ariel.7198 ariel.7198: Publicado en 09/01/2013 00:10

    véi, eu queria o solo só

  • vinileeo vinileeo: Publicado en 04/12/2012 20:47

    sim, o tom ta errado

  • st_jimmy st_jimmy: Publicado en 21/11/2012 19:47

    O tom certo é A... Mas fora isso a cifra está ótima!

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