Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

Eric Clapton

 Eric Clapton
Tono: C
 C       E7                    A7
Once I lived the life of a millionaire
  Dm           A7          Dm   Dm
Spent all my money (lord) and I didn't care
   F                   C              A7
Taking my friends out for a mighty good time
   D7                      G7
Drinking fancy liquor, champagne and wine
 C       E7              A7
But then I began  to fall so low
  Dm           A7          Dm   Dm
I didn't have a dollar, I had no place to go
   F                 C               A7
Well if I get my hands on a dollar again
   D7                      G7
I'll hang on to it till the eagle grins
 C     E7           A7
Nobody knows you
  Dm        A7        Dm   Dm
When your down and out my friend
   F       D7      C        A7
In my pocket I havent got a pennie
   D7                      G7
And as for friends I ain't got to many
 C       E7                    A7
But when I get back on my feet again
  Dm           A7          Dm        Dm
Everybody wants to be my long lost friend
   F         D7      C           A7
It's mighty strange with out any doubt
   D7                       G7
Nobody Knows you when your down and out
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Composición: A. Crandle / T. Cunningham / We Are the Fury
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