Cody Simpson

 Cody Simpson
Tono: E
E            B
You're perfect
              F#m     A
You're perfect girl, Oh ohh
You're my perfect girl
E       B                     F#m
Here I am sitting outside your door
In the rain, In the pain
It's worth it
E               B
You are my life I won't lie
But I never seen a girl so fine
Since i've been alive

C#m              F#
You're perfect, I know it
c#m             B
You're perfect girl

E                    B
I will do anything to be with you
There's nothing in the world
to make me give up, girl
E                   B
I will do anything to be with you
If that's what it takes, whatever it takes
Its got what it takes.

E             B                    F#m
I'll wait for you to turn your head around
That's why we'll leave the ground tonight
E                 B
We'll fly to the stars, my sky
Now I want to be by your side
Til the end of my time

C#m              F#
You're perfect, I know it
c#m             B
You're perfect girl

F#m                A            C#m    E
Don't take too long to set me free, yeah
Cuz you hold the only key to me
       A                B
and the chains around my heart, my heart, oh yeah


( E B F#m A E B F#m A )
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  • igornatannael igornatannael: Publicado en 22/02/2011 16:36

    Musica Legal so Falta video aula

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