Bee Gees

 Bee Gees
Tono: D
 I was a midnight rider on a cloud of smoke,

 I could make a woman hang on every single stroke,
 G D
 I was an iron man, I had a master plan, but I was alone.

 I could hear you breathing with a sigh of the wind,
 I remember how your body started tremblin',
 oh what a night it's been! And for the state I'm in,
 I'm still alone.
 Bm  Em
 And all the wonders made for the Earth ,
  A   Bm
 And all the hearts in all creation,
 somehow I always end up alone, ( end up alone.
  D   Bm   Em
 So I play, I'll wait 'cause you know that love takes time.
  D Bm Em
 We came so far, just the beat of a lonely heart.
  F#m   G D
 And it's mine,   and I don't wanna be alone.
 Well since I got no message on your answer phone,

 since you're busy every minute, I just stay at home,
 I make believe you care, I feel you everywhere,
 but I'm still alone.

 I'm on a wheel of fortune with a twist of fate.

 'cause I know it isn't heaven, is it love or hate?
 am I the subject of the pain?  Am I the stranger in the rain?
 I am alone.
 Bm  Em  A Bm
 And is there glory there to behold? Maybe it's my imagination,
  Em A
 another story there to be told.
  D   Bm Em
 So I play, I'll wait and I pray it's not too late.
   D   Bm Em
 We came so far, just the beat of a lonely heart,
   F#m  G   D
 and it's mine - and I don't wanna be alone.

( D )
Gone but not out of sight,  I'm caught in the rain and there's no one home,
face the heat of the night, the one that you love's got a heart that's made of stone.
Shine and search for the light and sooner or later you'll be cruising on your ocean.
And clean out of sight, I'm caught in the rain and there's no one home ...  ...  ...
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  • samoyel samoyel: Publicado en 24/12/2012 17:38

    Acho que está errada

Composición: Barry Gibb / Carson Whitsett / J. Leiber / Maurice Gibb / Robin Gibb / Stephen Lipson
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Contribución: Akuma Correcciónes: Steven »
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