Besame Mucho

The Beatles

 The Beatles
Tono: C
(Cha cha boom)
Am            Dm
Besame, besame mucho
            Dm7M         Dm7   Dm6         Am
Each time I cling to your kiss I hear music devine
   A7            Dm
So besame, besame mucho
     Am               F              E        Am
I'll love you forever say that you'll always be mine (cha cha boom)

Tears form if you should leave me
Then each little dream will take wings and my life will be through
So besame, besame mucho
You'll love me forever make all my dreams come true

     Dm                      Am		    E7
Ooh this joyous something new my arms there holding you
Never knew this thrill before
 Dm                    Am
Who ever thought I'd be holding you close to me
  B               Bm E7
Whispering it's you I adore
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Composición: Velazquez
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