I Can't Live

Mariah Carey

 Mariah Carey
Tono: D
    Bm              A        F#m         Bm
1. Many nights we pray, with no proof anyone could hear,
    Bm/A                 GM7         Em           F#m
    in our hearts a hopeful song, we barely understood.
         Bm            A        F#m                 Bm
    Now we are not afraid, although we know there's much to fear,
    Bm/A           GM7           Em               F#m        Asus4
   we were moving mountains long before we know we could. Oh, yes !
D                          A
    There can be miracles     when you believe,
Bm                  F#m          GM7         A7sus4
    though hope is frail, it's hard to kill.
D                           A
    Who knows what miracles     you can achieve
Bm             F#m        GM7
    when you believe, somehow you will,
Em                 Asus4     Bm
    you will when you believe.


    Bm              A          F#m              Bm
2. In this time of fear, when prayer so often proves in vain,
    Bm/A                     GM7            Em            F#m
    hope seems like the summer birds, too swiftly flown away.
         BM7                A       F#m              Bm
    And now I am standing here, my heart's so full I can't explain,
  Bm/A                 GM7                Em              Asus4  Bsus4
    seeking faith and speaking words, I never thought I'd say.

  E                       B
    There can be miracles    when you believe
  C#m               G#m         AM7        Bsus4
    trough hope is frail, it's hard to kill
  E                         B
    Who knows what miracles   you can achieve
  C#m            G#m     AM7
    when you believe,somehow you will,
  F#m             Bsus4       E       C#m      F#m   Bsus4
    you will when you       believe

                G#m             B       E    F#m
    They don't always happen when you ask,
              C#m            B          E    F#m
    and it's easy to give in to your fear.

    But when you're blinded by your pain,
    can't see your way safe through the rain,

         AM7                                Bsus4      C#sus4
    as though a still resilient voice says, love is very near.
F#                         C#
    There can be miracles     when you believe,
D#m                  A#m        BM7       C#sus4
    though hope is frail, it's hard to kill.
F#                           C#
    Who knows what miracles     you can achieve,
D#m             A#m          BM7             D#m
    when you believe, somehow you will,  somehow you will,
Dm                  G      Am
    you will when you believe.
G#m                 C#sus4     D#m    C#     B
   You will when you       believe,
                        F#           D#m
   you will when you believe, just believe
     G#m                   C#sus4     F#
just believe,you will when you      believe.
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Composición: Tom Evans And Pete Ham
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Contribución: Mossoró
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