I have Nothing

Whitney Houston

 Whitney Houston
Tono: C
Intro: G  Em7  C  Am  C  D

 G                          Em7
Share my life, take me for what I am
       C                                     G  - C - D
'cause I'll never change all my colours for you.
  G                               Em
Take my love, I'll never ask for too much,
      C                                       G - C - D
just all that you are and everything that you do.
Am                           Bm             Em7
I don't really need to look very much further,
Am                           Bm                Em7
I don't want to have to go where you don't follow.
Am                               G/B
I won't hold it back again, this passion inside,
     C                               Am      D
I can't run from myself, there's nowhere to hide.
 D#7+                        Cm7                   Dm    Gm
Don't make me close one more door, I don't wanna hurt anymore,
     D#7+                Cm7                  Dm   Gm
stay in my arms if you dare, or must I imagine you there
  Cm                  Dm7        D#                      D#/F
Don't walk away from me, me, I have nothing, nothing, nothing,
           Bb    Gm             D#  D
if I don't have you, you, you, you.

G                               Em7
You see through, right to the heart of me,
    C                                                 G      C - D
you break down my walls with the strength of you love, mm.
G                               Em7
 I never knew love like I've known it with you,
            C        D/C         Bm7         G    D
will a memory survive, one I can hold on to.         (voltar para "I don't really...") 

( E7+  C#m7  D#m7  G#m7 ) (2x)

( C#m7  D#m7  E7+  E/F#  B  G#m  E/F#  B )
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  • gusttavogl. gusttavogl.: Publicado en 30/07/2014 00:49

    O seguinte, no meu ver, tudo certo, mas o tom é G (jônio), ai ocorre um empréstimo modal de Gm (eóleo) e em seguida sol maior... :)

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