I Got The Blues

The Rolling Stones

 The Rolling Stones
Tono: G
(intro) G  D  Em  C   G   D  C  G  D

D       G            D
as i stand by your flame
        Em          C
 i get burned once again
G             D        C    G  D
feeling low down and blue

D      G          D
as i sit by the fire
         Em     C
of your warm desire
G            D        C    G      G  G   G D
i got the blues for you, yeah

A                          D
every night you've been away
A                        D
i've sat down, i have prayed
             C           G         D
that you're safe in the arms of a guy
           Em        C
who will bring you alive
G                D          C    G
won't drag you down with abuse, oh

(instrumental)   C  G   C  G   D

D        G             D
in the silk sheet of time
        Em            C
i will find peace of mind
G           D            C   G
love is a bed full of blues

          D                 C   G
and i've got the blues for you
          D                 C   G
and i've got the blues for you
          D                      C   G
and i've bust my brains out for you
and i'll tear my hair out
           C                         G
i'm gonna tear my hair out just for you
if you don't believe what i'm saying
at three o' clock in the morning, babe
well, i'm singing my song for you.
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Composición: Chris Knapp / E. Delatorre / Gegê do Cavaco / Keith Richards / Mick Jagger / Murphy
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