Butterfly On a Wheel

The Mission

 The Mission
Tono: C
C                         Am 
   Silver and gold, and it's growing cold  
   F                    Em               G
   Autumn leaves lay as thick as thieves 
   C                        Am 
   Shivers down your spine, chill you to the bone, 
             F                    Em                      G
   cause the mandling wind is the melody that turns your heart to stone 
       C                          Am 
   The heat of your breath carvin shadows in the mist  
         F                         Em                  G 
   Every angel has the wish, she's never been kissed 
   C               Am 
   A broken dream, haunting in your sleep 
   F                       Em                                   G
   Hiding in your smile, a secret you must keep love cuts you deep. 
  	 	Am                                        G 
  	2X	Love breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel 
  		 F                                        Em    G 
   		Love breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel 
  C                                Am
   There's no scarlet in you, lay a fair down for me 
                  F                 Em                          G 
   Sure has got me twined, you can't wrap you arms around a memory 
        C               Am 
   Take warmth from me, cold autumn winds cut sharp as a knife 
              F                      Em                                G
   but in the dark for me you're the candle flame that flikkers to light 
 	 	 Am                                        G 
   	2X	Love breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel 
   		F                                            Em     G 
  	 	Love will break the wings of a butterfly on a wheel 
   C                   Am 
   Wise men say all is fair in love and war 
   And there's no right or wrong in the design of love 
       Em                                           G             
   And I could only watch as the wind crushed your wings 
   C                Am 
   Broken and torn, crushed like a flower under the snow 
                F                     Em                                    G
   and like the flower in the spring, love will rise again to heal your wings 
 	  	Am                                       G 
 	 2X	Love heals the wings of a butterfly on a wheel 
 	  	F                           Em        G                                                 
   		Love will heal the wings of a butterfly on a wheel
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Composición: A. Parker / Ben Huggins / BG / Christopher Stevens / Jorge Drexler / Kennedy / Martin Brannigan / Mortal Treason / Pat Hayes / Wayne Hussey
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