Rock And Roll Music

The Beatles

 The Beatles
Tono: A
Just let me hear some of that...

rock and roll music any old way you choose it
it's got a back beat you can't lose it
any old time you use it 
it's gotta be rock and roll music
E7                      A   E                       A
if you wanna dance with me, if you wanna dance with me

                         E7                                          A
I've got no kick against modern jazz unless they try to play it too darn fast
                           D7                                   E7
and lose the beauty of the melody until they sound just like a symphony 
that's why I go for that...


                            E                                        A
I took my loved one over a cross the tracks 
so she can hear my man a wailing sax
                          D                                         E7                         
I must admit they have a rocking band man, they were blowing like a hurricane

That's why I go for that...

                          E7                                  A
way down south they had a jubilee the jokey folks they had a jamboree
they're drinking homebrew from a wooden cup
the folks that danced got all shook up

and started playing that...

don't care to hear them play a tango
I'm in the mood to hear a mambo
it's way too early for a congo
so keep a rocking that piano

That's why I go for that...

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Comentarios 2

  • fabfour fabfour: Publicado en 12/10/2012 14:19

    video aula por favor!

  • myguitarweeps myguitarweeps: Publicado en 08/05/2012 19:40

    hahhahha o teclado aqui e mto foda

Composición: Chuck Berry / Wyclef Jean
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