Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

The Animals

 The Animals
Tono: D
	organ doubled w/guitar, 2X: 
	Bm                Em 
	 v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v 


Verse 1: 
	 Bm                 A 
	Baby, do you understand me now 
	G                           F# 
	  Sometimes I feel a little mad 
	      Bm                                   A  
	Well don't you know that no-one alive can always be an angel 
	G                                   F# 
	  When things go wrong I seem to be bad 
	D                      Bm                  A 
	I'm just a soul who's intentions are good 
	G           {N.C.}                     Bm 
	Oh Lord   please don't let me be misunderstood 
{repeat intro (2X)} 
Verse 2: 
	Baby, sometimes I'm so carefree 
	With a joy that's hard to hide 
	And sometimes it seems that all I have to do is worry 
	And then you're bound to see my other side 
{repeat Chorus} 
	Bm    A  {first 3 beats as per intro} 
	/ / / / 
	G            A       G           A 
	  If I seem edgy, I want you to know 
	 G            A               D     Bm/F# 
	That I never mean to take it out on you 
	G                 A             G       A 
	  Life has it's problems and I get my share 
	     G                        F# 
	And that's one thing I never mean to do, 'cause I love you 
Verse 3: 
	Oh, oh, oh, baby, don't you know I'm human 
	Have thoughts like any other one 
	Sometimes I find myself long regretting 
	Some foolish thing, some little simple thing I've done 
{repeat Chorus followed by intro (1X) to fade}
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Composición: B. Benjamis/S.Marcus/C. Cadwell
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