Casual Conversation


Tono: G
G                       Bm7
it doesn't matter what I say
F#                   Am 
you never listen anyway

Cm6        G         D6                 
Just don't know what you're looking for

 G                  Bm
Imagination's all I have
F#                         Am                    
But even then you say it's bad
Cm6         G      D6                                 
Just can't see why we disagree
C          Cm6                     G      D6 
And Casual conversations how they bore me
C         Cm6             G      D6                      
Yeah They go on and on endlessly
 C                Cm6   
No matter what I say
     Em           E7                    
You ignore me anyway
Am7              Am9          D      D5+ 
I might as well talk in my sleep (I could weep)

G                           Bm7
You try to make me feel so small
F#                    Am7
Until there's nothing left at all
Cm6          G        D6                     
Why go on? Just hoping that we'll get along
(G Bm7 F# Am Cm6 G D6) 
C       Cm6                      G    D6
There's no communication left between us
C      Cm6                G    D6
But is it me or you who's to blame?
C               Cm6                   Em            E7
There's nothing I can do, yes you're fading out of view
Am7             Am9        D       D5+          
Don't know if I feel joy or pain (it's such a shame)
G                              Bm7
And now it seems it's all been said
F#                         Am                     
If you must leave then go ahead
Cm7          G
Should feel sad
       D6                     G
But I really believe that I'm glad
       D6                      G
Yes I really believe that I'm glad
   D6                      G
I really believe that I'm glad
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Composición: Marc Mozart / Peter Luts / Skankin' Pickle / Skeletal Family / Taan NewJam / W. Affansiaf
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