Tono: G
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Em  C  G  D
I open my eyes each morning I rise, to find the truth I know that is there
Em  C  G  D
I'm lucky to breathe, I'm lucky to feel, I'm glad to wake up, I'm glad to be
Em  C  G  D
here, with all of this world, and all of it's pain, all
Em  C  G  D
of it's lies, and all of it's flipped down, I still
Em  C  G  D
feel a sense of freedom , so glad I'm around

It's my freedom , can't take it from me, I know it, it
won't change, but we need some understanding, I know
we'll be all right.

The day I am gone, and the day that I leave,
I'll never regret one minute of life,
I've learned from the joy, i've learned from the
I've fought through the dark, now I see the light,
every tounge of everyone, in every state, of every
land, has everything to be thankful for

It's my freedom , can't take it from me, I know it, it
won't change,
but we need some understanding, I know it be all

It's my freedom , can't take it from me, i know it, it
won't change,
but we need some understanding.

Cause I, I wait on you, cause you wait on me, so I
wait on you.

I open my eyes each morning I rise to find the truth
I know that is there, I can't tell you how,
you can't tell me why, but livin' my life, is all I
care, the burden can be sometimes bigger than me,
sometimes stronger than me, and hard to bare, but I
couldn't careless,no stress cause Jah put me here.
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Comentarios 2

  • marcelogjr marcelogjr: Publicado en 05/03/2012 00:24

    muito facil , adoro essa musica

  • Juh Juh: Publicado en 18/11/2011 23:34

    S.O.J.A ADORO, seria melhor se colocasse a cifra original ;)

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