For Your Babies

Simply Red

 Simply Red
Tono: A
(intro) A  E/G#  Bm7  Dm


A7+                C#m7
you've got that look again
   Bm7               Dm
the one i hoped i had when i was a lad
A7+                C#m7
your face is just beaming

      Bm7                     Dm
your smile got me boasting, my pulse roller-coastering

A7+                E/G#
any way the four winds that blow
          Bm7                Dm
they gonna send me sailing home to you
A7+                C#m7
or i'll fly with the force of a rainbow
   Bm7                     Dm                 A7+
the dream of gold will be waiting in your eyes

    E/G#                F#m          B7
you know i'd do almost anything you want
    A7+   E/G#             F#m           B7
hey, i   try to give you everything you need
i can see that it gets to you
 A7+                    F#m
     i don't believe in many things
       B7    Dm     A7+
but in you       i do


her faith is amazing
the pain that she goes through contained in
the hope for you
your whole world has changed
the years spent before seem more cloudy
than blue
in many ways your baby's controlling
when you haven't laid down for days
for the poor no time to be thinking
they're too busy finding ways

and i
i know i'd do almost anything you want
hey i
try to give you everything you need
i'll see that it gets to you

i don't belive in many things
but in you i do

hey i
you know i'd do almost anything you want
every day i
try to give you everything you need
i'll always be there for you

i don't belive in many things
but in you
i don't belive in many things
but in you
i don't belive in many things
but you
i do
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Composición: L.Sávio Sousa / Max T. Barnes
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Contribución: LucasC. Correcciónes: Fila , bruno e mais 2 »
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