Do you remember

Phil Collins

 Phil Collins
Tono: C
Intro:  C  Em  F  G    C   Em  F  G

C		         Em
We never talked about it
F			    G
But I hear the blame was mine
C			     Em
I'd call you up to say I'm sorry
F				  G
But I wouldn't want to waste your time

Dm7			C
Cos I love you, but I can't take any more
Dm7			C
There's a look I cant describe in your eyes
F			G
We could try, like we've tried before
But you keep on telling me those lies

C  Em  F  G    C  Em  F  G
Do you remember ... ?

C			        Em
There seemed no way to make up
F			      G
Cos it seems your mind was set
C			        Em
And the way you looked it told me
F			        G
That's a look I know I'll  never forget

Dm7			C
You could've come over to my side
Dm7		         C
You could've let me know
F		     	     G
You could've tried to see the distance between us
But it seemed too far for you to go

C  Em  F  G    C  Em  F G
Tell me do you remember... ?

Em7		Am
Though all of my life
Em7		Am
Is spite of all the pain
Em7		       Am
You know how people are funny sometimes
Cos they just can't wait
To get hurt again

C  Em  F  G    C  Em  F G
Tell me do you remember... ?

There things we won´t recall
Feelings we will never find
It's taken so long to see it
Cos we never seemed to have the time

There was always something more important to do
More important to say
And "I love you", wasn't one of those things
But nao its too late

Do you remember... ?
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Comentarios 2

  • Adalberto B. L. Jr. Adalberto B. L. Jr.: Publicado en 29/10/2012 21:41

    Essa musica é realmente incrível Paulo Tavares,grande Phil Collins, eternizado por suas belas canções, ainda aprendo a tocar teclado !!!rss

  • paulotavares paulotavares: Publicado en 16/09/2011 17:25

    Bela música para sse ouvir, admirar, cantar e tocar. É, consegui tocar no teclado.

Composición: Diego Vanegas / Phil Collins / Tyler
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