Pearl Jam

 Pearl Jam
Tono: F(acordes na forma do tom C)
Cejilla en la 5ª casa		
Intro 2x: C  Am  G  Am  F

C             Am  G            Am     F
Once divided,     nothing left to subtract
C                       Am  G        Am     F
Some words when spoken,     can't be taken back
C                 Am       G           Am          F
Walks on his own,     with thoughts he can't help thinking
C               Am             G         Am        F         Am
Future's above,     but in the past he's slow and sinking
F                            G              F                Am   F   G
Caught a bolt of lightning,     cursed the day he let it go

C            F   G
Nothingman,      nothingman
C                    F      G
Isn't it something?  Nothingman

C                  Am           G        Am      F
She once believed,     in every story he had to tell
C                      Am  G         Am    F
One day she stiffened,     took the other side
C             Am            G           Am           F
Empty stares,     from each corner of a shared prison cell
C                 Am        G      Am        F     Am
One just escapes,     one's left inside the well
F                    G           F                  Am   F        G
And he who forgets,     will be destined to remember     oh  oh  oh

C            F   G
Nothingman,      nothingman
C                    F      G
Isn't it something?  Nothingman

Am             F                   G
Oh, she don't want him (she don't want him)
              F         Am              F     G    Am
Oh, she won't feed him,    after he's flown away
    F                                 G   F
Oh, into the sun, yeah into the sun
Burn, burn, burn,  burn

C            F   G
Nothingman,      nothingman
C                    F      G
Isn't it something?  Nothingman
C            F   G
Nothingman,      nothingman
C                      F      G
Coulda been something, nothingman

( C  G  C  G  C  G  C )
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Comentarios (2)

  • vine vine: Publicado en 08/04/2013 21:54

    sem capo e no tom de F fica bem melhor

  • mr.coronado mr.coronado: Publicado en 21/02/2012 19:04

    Alguém sabe o ritmo?Valeu, abraços.

Composición: Billy Joel / Eddie Vedder / Gloria Estefan / Jeff Ament
Ese no és el compositor? Avisenos.
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