Bye Bye Bye


Tono: C
Intro: A  C  B  D  F

Hey hey...  Bye bye bye!

(A) 2 oitavas

<- 1a. parte
I'm doing this tonight
You're probably gonna start a fight
    D       Em      F      Em    D        (A)
I know this cant be right hey baby com'mon
I loved you endessly
When you weren't there for me so
D       Em       F    Em   D        C
Now it's time to leave and make it alone

<- Estribilho
C	            D
I know that i cant take no more, it aint no lie
C	        D   Em    D
I wanna see you out that door baby
D   Em  D   C
Bye bye bye

<- Refrão
A                        C
Dont wanna be a fool for you
B                                   D
Just another player in you game for 2
F     	        Em      D   Em  D
You may hate me but it aint no lie baby
D   Em  D   C
Bye bye bye (Bye bye)
A                          C
Dont really wanna make it tought
B                                    D
I Just wanna tell you that I had enough
F	       Em    D    Em  D
It Might sound crazy but it aint no lie baby
D   Em  D   C
Bye bye bye (Bye bye)


<-Repetir os acordes da primeira parte
Just hit me with the truth girl
You're more than welcome to so
Gimme one good reason baby com'mon
I live for you and me and
Now i really come to see that
Life would be much better
Once you're gone

Repete-> Estribilho

Repete-> Refrão

I'm givin' up I know for sure
I don't wanna be the reason for your love no more
Bye, Bye
I'm checkin' out
I'm signing off
I don't wanna be a loser and I've had enough


i dont wanna be your fool
In this game for 2

So im lea-ving-you-behind(Bye bye bye)

i dont wanna make it tough
But i've had enought (Bye byyyyeee!!)
For me no more, bye bye

Repete-> Refrão
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