I remember when

New Kids On The Block

 New Kids On The Block
Tono: D
D                      D7+                                      G 
Days are gone but my love lives on in this space and time. 
Bb                 D                             D7+                                       G 
I remember, playing the games, funny nicknames, and all the sunny days, 
That shine so brightly. 
G              A7                      D  D7  G             A7           D       D7 
I keep remembering when we     started together as friends. 
G               A7                      D  Bm              E7         A 
I keep remembering when we       were together forever. 
         D                                   D7+                                  G 
The promise we made, still stays in my head like the melody. 
Bb         C     D                             D7+                                  G        
I remember, favorite songs, we heard all night long in the candlelight 
         Bb                  C 
Still shines so brightly. 
I keep... 
G                                                   D 
I bet you didn?t know how much I loved you. 
G                                                         D 
I bet you didn?t know just how much I care. 
G                                     D                        E7 
Little girl, whenever I?m around you, all in love is fair, girl. 
I keep... (repeat & fade) 
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Composición: Armstead / B. Russell / Craig Evans / Erica Wright / Francisco Familiar Roldan / Kasia Livingston / Noel Pagan
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Contribución: Roger
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