Born to Raise Hell


Tono: D
Intro - E5 power chord

Verse 1:
listen up here, i'll make it quite clear
i'm gonna put some boogie in your ear
shake and bop, don't you stop
dance like a maniac until you drop
i don't mind, i don't mind
i can run a razor right up your spine

what are you waiting for
what do you think you were created for
show us you care, show us you dare
you don't know what happened, not if you weren't there

born to raise hell, born to raise hell
D5                       G5
we know to do it and we do it real well
born to raise hell, born to raise hell
D5                G5
voodoo medicine, cast my spell
born to raise hell, born to raise hell
D5                      G5
play that guitar just like ringing a bell

bridge - E5 power chord
take it or leave it

Verse 2:
going for broke, rock til you choke
it don't matter if you drink or smoke
speak through the beat, get up on your feet
sweating like a hound dog, white as a sheet
don't you be scared, don't you be scared
everybody terrified, it don't seem fair

what are you waiting for
what do you think you were created for
out of your seat, blind in the heat
do the nasty boogie mama, stomp your feet



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Composición: Gustavo Lins / Latavia Chufon Parker / Lemmy
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Contribución: Anna Gabriella
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