I Dreamed a Dream

Les Miserables

 Les Miserables
Tono: D#
Eb  Eb/D  Cm  Eb/G  Ab  Ab/Bb

Eb             Eb/D               Cm      Eb/Bb
   I dreamed a dream in time gone by
Ab               Ab/G       
   When hope was high
               Fm7     Bb
And life worth living
Bb                Eb/D             Cm7        Eb/Bb
   I dreamed that love would never die
Ab               Ab/G          Fm7            Bb
   I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Eb            Eb/D          Cm                Eb/Bb
   Then I was young and unafraid
Ab                 Ab/G              Fm7      Bb6    
   And dreams were made and used and wasted
Eb              Eb           Cm7              Eb/Bb
   There was no ransom to be paid
Ab          Ab/G             Fm7              Bb 
   No song unsung, no wine untasted

C          C/E             Fm
   But the tigers come at night
C              C7             F               F/A     
   With their voices soft as thunder
Bb         Bb/D            Ebm
   As they tear your hope apart
Bb                              Eb   Fm/Eb   Eb   Ab/Eb   Bb           
   And they turn your dream to shame

Eb            Eb/D         Cm                 Eb/Bb
   He slept a summer by my side
Ab              Ab/G              Fm7         Bb6
   He filled my days with endless wonder
Eb            Eb/D              Cm7           Eb/Bb
   He took my childhood in his stride
Ab            Bb6               Eb   Bb/D   Bbm6/Db   C
   But he was gone when autumn came

F              F/E                 Dm7        F/C
   And still I dream he'll come to me
Bb              Bb/A              Gm7         C
   That we will live the years together
F                F/E                Dm7       F/C
   But there are dreams that cannot be
Bb                Bb/A            Gm7         C   F   F/E
   And there are storms we cannot weather

Dm7         F/C                Bb             Bb/A
   I had a dream my life would be
Gm7             Bb/C       C        F
   So different from this hell I'm living
             F/E               Dm7            F/C
So different now from what it seemed
Bb              C                   F                 
   Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

F/E   Dm7   F/A   Bb   C   F
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Composición: Alec / Bob Seger / Day Disyraah / Kesha Sebert / Mario Kleide / Scott LeFaro / Zombeast
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