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His Glory Appears

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Tono: D
D           Bm
You gave me hope
          A G F#m
You made me whole
       G       D  A4
at the cross

D          ]     Bm
You took my place
            A  G  F#m
You show me grace
          G          A          D
At the cross where You died for me

         G        D
And his glory appears
          A               Bm
Like the light from the sun
G         D        A
Age to age He shines
    G              D
Oh, Look to the skyes
Em               Bm
Hear the angels cry
            A         G
singing Holy is the Lord

( D      Em     Bm     G )
    Composición: Marty Sampson & Darlene ZschechColaboración y revision:
    • David
    • alessandro
    • jeanecsr

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