Sweet Lorraine

Patty Griffin

 Patty Griffin
Tono: A#(acordes na forma do tom G)
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Tabbed by: Emrldeyzs 
INTRO:  G  Cadd9  D  Dsus4 2x  
         G         Cadd9        D                Dsus4         
Sweet Lorraine the fiery haired brown eyed schemer 
    G           Cadd9        D                  Dsus4    
Who came from a long line of drinkers and dreamers 
    G         Cadd9          D               Dsus4 
Who knew that sunshine don't hold up to dark 
      G          Cadd9    D                Dsus4    
Whose businesses fail who sleep in the park 
   G          Cadd9    D                  Dsus4 
Lo-rraine who spoke of paintings in Paris 
    G          Cadd9         D                       Dsus4 
And outlandish things to her family just to scare us 
      G          Cadd9        D                       Dsus4  
Whose heart went pokin' where it shouldn't ought 
      Cadd9              G           D 
whose mother could only, spit at the thought 
   Cadd9        G       Cadd9  D Dsus4   G   Cadd9   D 
Lorraine, sweet Lorraine 
Dsus4 G            Cadd9           D 
Her   father would tear out like a page of the Bible 
     G              Cadd9        D                   Dsus4  
Then he'd burn down the house to announce his arrival 
     G         Cadd9       D              Dsus4  
Her mother was working and never was home 
    G           Cadd9        D              Dsus4   
Lorraine carved out a little life of her own 
   G             Cadd9       D                 Dsus4  
Lorraine started working, Lorraine went to school 
     G                  Cadd9         D                Dsus4  
Her mother threw stones at her on the day that she moved 
         G          Cadd9          D          Dsus4  
Well now isn't that a very strange thing to do 
    Cadd                    G        D 
For someone who never really wanted you 
     Cadd9      G    Cadd9   D D 
Lorraine, sweet Lorraine 
    Am                 C 
Her daddy calls her a slut and a whore 
       G                D            
On the night before her wedding day 
Am                      C 
 The very next morning, at the church 
    D              Cadd9         Cadd9 
Her daddy gave, Lorraine away, Lorraine away 
Cadd9           G       Cadd9   D   Dsus4  
Lorraine, sweet Lorraine 
      G          Cadd9         D            Dsus4  
In the battle of time, in the battle of will 
     G         Cadd9         D                    Dsus4  
It's only your hope and your heart that gets killed 
         G          Cadd9               D               Dsus4  
And it's harder and harder Lorraine, to believe in magic 
          Cadd9               G       D                   
when what came before you was so very tragic 
  C9               G    Cadd9   D   Dsus4  G    Cadd9   D   Dsus4 
Lorraine, sweet Lorraine 
        G    Cadd9   D   Dsus4   
Sweet Lorraine  Yeahhhhhhhhhh 
        G    Cadd9   D   Dsus4     
Sweet Lorraine yeahhhhhhhh 
        G    Cadd9   D   Dsus4 
Sweet Lorraine, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh 
        G    Cadd9   D   Dsus4  D     
Sweet Lorraine  Yeahhhhhhhhhh 
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