Storm The Sorrow


Tono: D
Intro 2x: C#5 E5 D#5 D5 C#5 E5 F#5 D5

Bm        G             Bm
Along the way I find myself
         D        D/C#
To be confined within me
Bm           G           D              Em  C
No place for any other's mind to interfere,

To grasp the meaning of it all
        D       D/C#
To overcome my limits
Bm          D            Em            F#
And dance away from any void and empty tones,

(riff intro)    C#5 E5 D#5 D5
Just tell me why
                C#5 E5     F#5      D5
Just tell me how I can survive this time

Bm                    G     Bm
Believe yourself and look away
                D        D/C#
From all that's right within you
Bm              G              D              Em   C
Leave all your worries at the door and drift away,
Bm             G             Bm
I've tried to peer into the core
               D        D/C#
But could not storm the sorrow
Bm         D                 Em              F#
My hollow heart has bled me dry, left me to stray

(riff intro) C#5 E5 D#5 D5 C#5 E5 F#5 D5
Another time without a trace,
            C#5 E5 D#5 D5
Condemn me now
            C#5     E5     F#5  D5
Send me to hell For I'm already failing

(refrão I)
Intertwine the lines
That swim beneath the dark
Realize the pain we live in
Demonize the need we reel in, no
Em                       Bm
In my memories I'll dig deep enough to know
Centuries of dreams unending
                 A                                Bm
Another me that yielded tears when someone had betrayed

Bm             (G)        Bm
No time should ever go to waste
               D    D/C#
It's not that complicated
Bm             G                 D
You're free to live your life at ease
            Em     C
No more restraints
Bm           (G)            Bm
No heed for shadows on your way
             D          D/C#
That try to steal your laughter
Bm              D               Em
Your light will drive them all away
Be confident

(riff intro) C#5 E5 D#5 D5
Will I refrain?
         C#5 E5 F#5 D5
Can I repent?
            C#5 E5 D#5 D5
Will you be there?
           C#5     E5   F#5      D5
Erase the page For I'm alone and ailing

(volta para refrão I)


Bm   C
So, this is my life and it can't break me down
Bm                C
Go, I will decide who can come in and heal my disease
Burn it in flames
Kill it and maim
Why can't you see that you need to be freed?

(refrão II - piano)
Em                   Bm
Intertwine the lines beneath the dark
Every bit of pain we're feeling
Every other solemn life, no
Em                       Bm
In the memories you will find somehow
There used to be a dream unending
No more need to be alone

(refrão III - sobe 1 tom)
Intertwine the lines
That swim beneath the dark
Realize the pain we live in
Demonize the need we reel in, no
F#m                      C#m
In my memories I'll dig deep enough to know
Centuries of dreams unending
                 B                              C#5 E5 D#5 D5
Another me that yielded tears when someone had betrayed
               C#5 E5 F#5 D5
Someone had betrayed

(riff intro) C#5 E5 D#5 D5 C#5
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Composición: Liston Smith / Peter Barakan / Roger Lahr / Rusty Pistachio
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