We Are The People

Empire Of The Sun

 Empire Of The Sun Compositor: Empire Of The Sun
Tono: G
We can remember
swimming in December
C                               Em             D6/E
Heading for the city lights in 1975

We share in each other
nearer than father
The scent of a lemon drips
from your eyes

We are the people that rule the world
a force running in every boy and girl
All rejoicing in the world,
take me now we can try

We lived an adventure,
love in the summer
Followed the sun till night
reminiscing other times of life

For each every other
the feeling was stronger
The shock hit eleven
got lost in your eyes

I Can you remember and humanise
it was still where we`d energised
Lie in the sand and visualise
like its 75 again

I can`t do well when
I think you`e gonna leave me but
I know I try
                     C        Em
Are you gonna leave me now,
can`t you be believing now

I know everything about you,
you know everything about me,
C                                   Em    D6/E
we know everything about us
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Composición: Dennis Anthony Robinson / Monsieur Maleek / Rabito
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