Don`t Let the Sun go down on me

Elton John

 Elton John
Tono: C
(Participação de George Michael) 

                      G                 F-G                  F   C
1.                    I can't light        no more of your    darkness,
G-F                     G-F                              G     - F-G
      all my pictures        seem to fade to black and white.
FG                        F-G                         F C
      I'm growing tired,       and time stands still before me,
G-F                  G-F                        G      -F-G
      frozen here          on the ladder of my life.
   F-G                         F-G                   F   C
2.        It's much too late        to save myself from falling,
G-F                       G-F                            G    -F-G
       I took a chance          and changed your way of life.
F-G                     F-G                     F   C
       But you misread       my meaning when I met you,
G-F                      G-F                C             G
       closed the door        and left me blinded by the light.
C                         Bb
    Don't let the sun go down on me,
Am                                          D7
    although I search myself, it's always someone else I see.
C                                      F  - G                C   C7
    I'd just allow a fragment of your life       to wander free, oh - 
         F                             Dm   C     F    G  C
    but losing everything is like the sun going down on me.
     - Bb - F - C - F - D  G                F - G                  F            - C
3.                   I can't find,      oh, the right romantic line,
G-F                      G-F                     G    - F-G
      but see me once         and see the way I feel.
F-G                      F-G                            F               - C
      Don't discard me,       just because you think I mean you harm.
G-F                                        C               G
      But these cuts I have, oh they need love to help me heal, oh!
                     C-Bb-F  G#-Bb                         -Bb-F-G#-Bb-C
+ REFRAIN                                 + REFRAIN
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Composición: Bernie Taupin / Elton John / Johnny T / P. Marazzi
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