The Spirit Carries on

Dream Theater

 Dream Theater
Tono: G
D			D/F#		    G			     D   D/Db
Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go when we die?
Bm			    Bm/A	     E/G#			   A
What lies beyond? and what lay before?  Is anything certain in life?
	   D			  D/F#			    G			D    D/Db
They say,"Life is too short","The here and the now" and"You are only given one shot"
Bm				Bm/A		  E/G#			     A
But could that be more, have I lived before, or could this be all that we have got?
G	    A		    D        D/Db    Bm				    G          A          D
If I die tomorrow, I 'd be alright because I believe that after we are gone the spirit carries on

( D/F# G Em D D/F# G A )

D			    D/F#      G   	     		   D      D/Db
I used to be frightened of dying, I used to think death was the end
Bm				Bm/A		E/G#			    A
But that was before I am not scared anymore I know that my soul will transcend
D			     D/F#    G			    D   D/Db
I may never find all the answers I may never understand why
Bm			    Bm/A		E/G#			   A
I may never prove what I know to be true but I know that I still have to try
G	    A			D	D/Db	Bm			  G		A	  D  D7
If I die tomorrow I 'd be alright because I believe that after we are gone the spirit carries on
Em			Eb	      D				E/G#
Move on be brave don't weap at my grave because I am no  longer  here
G			     Em			Bm
But please never let your memory of me disappear

( Bb D E/G# G A Bm Bb D E/G# G A D D/Db Bm G A Bm G Em C A )

D			      D/F#    G				D  D/Db
Safe in the light that surronds me, free of the fear and the pain
Bm			    Bm/A		E/G#			A
My questioning mind has helped me to find the meaning in my life again
D			D/F#	      G				   D	D/Db
Victoria 's real, I finally feel at peace with the girl in my dreams
   Bm				  Bm/A		E/G#			      A
And now that I 'm here it is perfectly clear I found out what all of this means
G	    A			D	D/Db	Bm			  G		A	  D  D7
If I die tomorrow I will be alright because I believe that after we are gone the spirit carries on
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Comentarios 4

  • leo130 leo130: Publicado en 31/05/2014 23:11

    Parece música de igreja, mas a letra é maneira

  • Luan Luan : Publicado en 06/07/2013 13:28

    cade o solo ????

  • ronnie ronnie: Publicado en 29/03/2012 12:07

    Essa música é a mais linda deles!

  • gui metalero gui metalero: Publicado en 30/06/2011 09:54

    tem partes que, no refrão, ao invés de D é Em ;)

Composición: Dream Theater / Steve Malcolmson / Tommy Sims
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