David Phelps

 David Phelps
Tono: G
Intro.: Em C G D

   A handful of dust
A worthless piece of clay
              Gsus                         G       Gsus G
And You breathed the breath of heaven

   Then there was a soul
The heart, the hands, the voice
               Gsus                 G       Gsus G
That could sing of Your perfection

Bm                                 C
   Life is a symphony that only You can play
Bm                                             C                           D
    You know I can hear it through the madness every day

     Em    C G D              Em  C G D
Virtuoso---------o, Virtuoso-----------o

 Em                      C
This heart is Your instrument
 G                     D
This life is Your song

     Em    C G D 

  There isn't a note
Of mediocrity
    Gsus       G      Gsus G
In all Your creation

  And all of the beauty
We create with human hands
     Gsus       G Gsus G
Is only imitation

Bm                                 C
  Thunder crashes, waves crescendo on the sand
Bm                                          C                D 
  The wind that's whispering can only be Your hand

Em                     A       D                  G    D/F#
  A timeless melody of beauty and emotion
Em                A           D              G    D/F#
  Perfect harmony inspiring true devotion
            Em                    A 
No one else can play its chords
       D                    G D/F#
So graceful yet so strong
        Em                                             C D
You made the instrument and wrote the song
           Gm D# Bb F

Solo: Gm D# Bb F - 5x
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Composición: Cassio Calazans / Knight Area / M. Starr
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Contribución: MasquilBoy
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