Now And Forever

Carole King

 Carole King
Tono: D
Intro: D A4 G A7(4)

            D                A4                 G                  D
Now and for ever you'll be a part of me and the mem'ry cuts like a knife
A4                 D                           A4                G              D
Didn't we find the ecstacy didn't we share the daylight when you walked into my life
            F#m          Bm             G        A7       Bm
Now and for ever i'll re member all the promises still un broken
G                             D        Em                      A7
and think of all the words be tween us that never needed to be spo ken
         D                A4                Em            A7              Bm
We had a moment, just one moment, that will last beyond a dream, beyond a lifetime
           F#m         G           A7           Bm              Em
We are the lucky ones, some people never get to do  now and for ever
       A7(4)  A7       D   D  ( A ) D
I will always think of you

G                         D
Didn't we come together   didn't we live together
Em                       D                         Bm
Didn't we cry together   didn't we play together   didn't we love together
Em                A7(4)      A7     (pause)
  and together we lit up the world

           D                 A4                   Em             A7                Bm
I miss the tears, I miss the laughter, I miss the day we met and all that followed after
            F#m                         G        A7             Bm
Sometimes I wish I could always be with you, the way we used to do
            Em            A7(4)  A7       Bm   G
Now and for ever   I will always think of you

       G F#         Em            A7(4)  A7      D
TAG:   Now and for ever   I will always be with you

Outro: D A4 G A7   
       D A4 G A7(4) A7  D 
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Composición: Carole King
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Contribución: Robset
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