End of a Century


Tono: C
                  G           G7+
She said there's ants in the carpet
Em              D
Dirty like monsters
D#                    D
Eating all the morsels
Bm                    C
Picking up the rubbish
G                   G7+
Give her effervescence
    Em                 D     
She needs a little sparkle
D#             D
Good morning tv
      Bm          C
You're looking so healthy

and we all say
      D            Em
Don´t want to be alone
We wear the same clothes
Because we fell the same
And kiss with dry lips
D              C
When we say good night
End of the century.. it´s nothing special

G        G7+
Sex on tv
Em              D
Everybody's at it
        D#             D
And the mind gets dirty
       Bm                C
As you get closer to thirty
   G                 G7+
He gives her a cuddle
        Em             D
They're glowing in a huddle
D#           D
Good night tv
   Bm           C
You're all made up

And you know that   (Refrão)

Solo:G, G7+, Em, D, D#, D, Bm, C 

G   F   Am  F   G   F   C  
Can you eat her yes you can  (refrão)

Em  D  D#  D  C  G
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