Hunting High and Low


Tono: F
Am     Am7          F                   Fm
Here I am    and within the reach of my hand
G     Am         Am7              F
She's sound  asleep   and she's sweeter now
        Db      Cm                    Gm
Than my wildest dream could have seen her
      Ab                  G
And I watch her slipping away.

      F            G       Am        Am7  F7+    Dm
But I know I'll be hunting high and low
           C          Em7          Dm
There's no end to the lenghts I'll go
G          Am       Am7   F7+    Dm
to hunting high and low
           C          Em7          Dm G
There's no end to the lenghts I'll go to

Am         Am7      F                    Fm (G)
Find her again upon this my dreams are depending
Am           Am7   F                     Db
Through the dark  I sense the pouding of her heart
Cm      Bb             Ab                    G
Next to mine she's the sweetest love I could find.

     F              G        Am       Am7   F7+   Dm
So I guess I'll be  hunting  high and low
           Am7        Em7          Dm G
There's no end to the lengths I'll go to
Am       Am/G  F7+    Dm
High and low
       C            Em7      Dm     G      Am
Do you know what it means to love...   you

(Am Am7 F Dm7) (C G/B Am Em7 F)

            Am       Am7       F                   Fm
I'm hunting high and low   And now she's telling me
             Am   G/B   F  Dm   Cm  Bb   Ab  G
She's got to go away

     F         G       Am       Am/G
I'll always be hunting high and low
  F        Dm             Am7       G/B     Dm      Em
( only for you ) Watch me tearing myself to pie.....ces
F  G     Am       Am7   F     Dm
Hunting  high and low
            C          Em7
there's  no end to the lenghts
     Dm7  Em7        F       G                   Am
I'll go   to  oohohohooo for you I'll be hunting high
    Am/G  F Em7  Dm  A
and low
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Composición: Paul Waaktaar-Savoy
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Contribución: andreluizvga Correcciónes: Guilherme »
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