Tenacious D

 Tenacious D Compositor: Jack Black / Kyle Gass
Tono: G
Intro: Em Em D/A E

Well it's 3pm  time to lug the gear
Gotta get it on the stage
              D/A                                 E
My muscles flex  my fuckin' sweat will save the day

When I check the mic  I fuckin' check the mic
I fuckin' checka-checka one  two  three
           D/A                                E
I plug it in  I make a sound as good as can be

Cause the rockers rock  but the roadies roll
Gotta take the mic because I take control
       D/A                               E
Gotta get that shit up on that fuckin' stage

Because the roadie knows what the roadie knows
And the roadie knows that he wears black clothes
       D/A                                E
And he hides off in the shadows off the stage

Because the roadie
Asus2                               E
Looks a thousand miles with his eyes
And when the crowd roars
Asus2                                  E
Brings a tear drop to the roadie's eyes
Tears of pride

Because he brought you the show
But you will never know
He's changing the strings
While hiding in the wings
   C               Asus2
No matter how hard  the show must go on

( E )

Then a beautiful girl come to me
She say  "Hey can I sucka your dick?"
       D/A               E
I say  "Yays  I am in love"
Then she quickly say  "I sucked your dick
Now give me that backstage pass
     D/A                               E
I do not want you roadie  I want KG's chode"

    C                                 Asus2
I'm standing at the threshold of your dreams
    C                                 Asus2
Without me there'd be no sound from those amps
   C                                  Asus2
Without me there'd be no lights on the stage
But you don't applaud for me

No  I am the roadie!
Asus2                                E
Lonesome warrior searching for the soul
No  I am the roadie!
Asus2              E
I make the rock go!

C   Asus2   C   Asus2   C  Asus2 E
Roadie  roadie  roadie!
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Comentarios 4

  • kaoru_nightmare kaoru_nightmare: Publicado en 14/11/2013 14:43

    Sim, a cifra está meio errada, troque o D por um Asus2

  • 3x6error404 3x6error404: Publicado en 25/01/2013 19:07

    lol a cifra tá meio errada

    • Gabriel Gabriel : Publicado en 29/06/2013 17:19

      Eu não percebi nenhum erro, cara =/

  • gutimad gutimad: Publicado en 28/06/2012 17:02

    A gente sabe quem são os astros,mais nunca nos lembramos das pessoas que cuidam para q o show aconteça ;]

Composición: C. Brown / Dave Dobbyn / Florence Welch / Rick Bonadio / T. Berlin
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