Hold On To Your Dream


Tono: G
->Introdução: (Em, C, G, D) 2x
              (Em, D)

Since you were born pushed into corner 

And left all alone, told what to do

Obey all the rules, be just like everyone

D                 C G D
Else those fools 

Day at the school, teacher's a bully 

You're mobbed as a rule, nothing from TV 

Em                                          D                             C
Your folks are away, you are trapped inside this house you must stay - home 

-> Pré-refrão:

D                              Em
Now it's time for you to move on 

Em                         D   C
Leave the shadows of your past 

C                          G   B
Don't let them haunt you forever 

-> Refrão: 

Hold on to your dream 

    C                    G
Somewhere there's a beam of hope 

                      D               B
which is guiding your way through the dark 

This is your chance 

Your love your romance 

     G                    D           B
Hold on to your dream and never give up 

C          D
In your life 

Hold on to your Dream
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Composición: Gary Cherone / Mastodon / Mike Campbell / Rodney Clawson / Timo Tolkki
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Contribución: Carlos |Bards Around|
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